Hello. Welcome.

heart mudra
Jai Maa!

Blessings, dears.
Welcome. You have arrived at Sunrose Yoga, a site dedicated to navigating life’s gifts and challenges with curiosity and reverence: through the lens of yoga.

I am Kelly Connor Sunrose: yogini, artist, mama, peace & justice educator and environmental advocate.  rain-walker. sanskrit-talker. peace-maker. earth-shaker. my practice: staying in the love.

I am committed to peaceful & just approaches to education and conflict resolution.
I’ve been practicing yoga my entire adult life, studying with many amazing teachers and friends. My practice is rooted in Kasmir Shaivism with a healthy dose of mindfulness. I have been teaching strange, slow, radical yoga since 2006 and am registered with Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200).

My yoga classes are filled with stories, songs, chants, meditation, breath-work and philosophy. I encourage students to trust the body’s wisdom as they work through postures, finding alignment that is both logical (safe) and intuitive (affirming).

Students leave my classes with a greater appreciation of the “long-view” that yoga invites us to take, a more compassionate view of themselves and others and more balance of body, mind and spirit.

I offer public classes, private sessions with students and fellow teachers and online classes.


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  1. Just listened to this podcast. I loved it and felt you were right in my house, next to me.

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