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Chair Yoga// It’s For You

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My loves,

Offering a wide range of yoga practices to you has me feeling really blessed. I LOVE what I do. Sharing these practices with all of you is LOVE. Next week, I am so happy to be offering two new courses at The People’s Yoga (NE2 studio at 16th & Alberta): chair yoga & wise yoga– a space for elders. Both of these classes are near and dear to my heart. I have been so fortunate to have been teaching yoga in chairs and yoga to my wise elders for 8 years now!

A little more about these courses:

 chair Yoga poster

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga meets Tuesdays from 10-11am for 5 weeks. June 3- July 1. $38 for the whole she-bang. This is a class for people who would like to practice with the support of a chair. We will use the chair and other props (including the floor and wall) in creative, supportive ways. This class will involve gentle movements as well as breathing practices and meditation techniques. It is for everyone!

Why chair yoga?

  • Many of us spend most of our days sitting in chairs, and this class can assist in making that experience more mindful, more supportive and more nourishing.
  • Yoga is accessible and adaptable to people with a wide range of challenges. This class offers space to explore adaptations that encourage confidence to sustain and maintain a yoga practice.
  • Many students (so many, me included!) can feel intimidated by conventional, drop-in yoga classes. They might feel rushed to move out of a pose before they are really *in* the pose. This course is super-supportive (physically and emotionally). We spend a lot of time getting to know the poses/shapes and our own physiological responses to them. We approach the shapes from the perspective that the poses need to fit the body and not the other way around.
  • As our body ages or encounters challenges, we can feel a sense of disengagement with it. We can feel as though we are losing a part of ourselves. The practices we engage with in this class are designed to bring us into full relationship with the body we have right now, recognizing that our experience cannot be limited to our physical form, but that encouraging health and integration of the body we have is essential to our overall health and integration.
  • This class is for everyone, seriously!


Wise Yoga

Wise Yoga meets Thursdays from 10-11am for 5 weeks. June 5- July 3. $38 for the whole series. This is a class that honors the wisdom we soak up as we age (we are all aging). The class includes gentle and supportive movements with liberal use of props and modifications as they are needed to make the poses work best. In addition to a nourishing, strengthening physical practice, this class also includes breathing practices and meditation techniques.

Why Wise Yoga?

  • This is a space where the physical and emotional support of our elders is the primary focus. Topics and shapes that are pertinent and useful to our wise yogis are shared, while the wisdom of these yogis is part of the community’s core.
  • Kelly has been sharing yoga with elder yogis since 2006. She has gathered wisdom from the experience of yogis well into their 90s and is overflowing with the love of sharing that.
  • Yoga is really and truly for everyone. The practice of yoga takes on challenging topics like aging, disconnection from the body and the senses and goes to the center of it. This is a practice for exploration.
  • Everyone has wisdom. Everyone is an expert in their own experience. This is honored and revered in this space, which has big potential for the broader community. This is a celebration of aging.
  • You. Are. A. Wise. Yogi.

I cannot wait to connect with new and familiar students in these two courses. (Sign up here, or email me for more information at sunroseyoga@gmail.com)


If you are wondering what a chair yoga class looks and feels like, then check out this video I made for you.


tree with chair

core on the floor

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