Kelly Connor Sunrose Yoga// jnana mudra

Episode 106// The Pouring Breath


Hello sweet loves,

It is so good to be here with you. These past few weeks have been alive with the moon, the sky and the energy of completion. Do you feel that?

And there was a black bear in my neighborhood.

And happily, I’ve been dreaming of foxes and bears since then.

Today’s episode features a short meditation in which we practice body awareness, breath awareness and a technique called “the pouring breath.” It’s an essential practice, down to the bones. I hope you love it.

In other news, you can now register for my September retreat in northern Minnesota: all of the magical details are here.


ALSO, in a few short weeks, I’m launching this!


Why should my local students have all of the fun in this course?! I have seen SO many radical transformations in my meditation foundations class and cannot wait to share it with my sweet-heart yogis all over the globe. Keep your eyes open for fun early-bird pricing and the launch party itself! Jai!

My summer schedule for individual learning is filling up fast, but I have one spot left for July. This can happen in-person or on-line! Read more here.


Take Your Practice Deeper.



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