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I am thrilled to share a few new courses with you to enrich and refine your practice. I’ll be adding more classes to the roster, so check back often. These classes can be taken at your own pace and repeated over and over.

  • The At-Home Retreat:The At-Home Retreat is a seasonal, online experience designed to help you sink in-to a practice of creativity, yoga, meditation and connection over the weekend.This course includes full-length yoga classes, guided audio meditations, creative practices and recipes.It is for you. FOR FREE.


    We will gather again on September 21 for NOURISH. To register for this free experience, please sign up here.

nourish to the core with restorative & yin yoga sessions, recipes and more

Whole Yoga is a space to explore the practice of yoga in its completeness. We work with several major margas (or paths) of yoga through study of the texts and experiential learning. Last fall, we worked with a small portion of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, overlaying the “other 7 limbs” of yoga with the practices of the Gerandha Samhita and Shiva Samhita.

This is a practice-based series, focusing on embodied ways of knowing; we will experiment with philosophy through breath-practices, meditation, mudra, mantra and accessible movements.

In late-fall of 2015, we will convene again around the topic of Bhakti or devotion. To receive special updates about the timing and details of this class, sign up here.

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  • Just Breathe: A Downloadable Pranayama Course

Pranayama is the bread & butter of my practice, the exquisite connection to the subtle. This fall, I will release a complete Pranayama course just for you. This course includes 2 videos, 10 audio lessons, written instruction and commentary and a practice workbook. Just Breathe launches soon. I hope you’ll join us.

a pranayama course with Kelly Sunrose Yoga

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