I am thrilled to share a few new courses with you to enrich and refine your practice. In 2014, I’ll be adding more classes to the roster, so check back often. These classes can be taken at your own pace and repeated over and over.


  • ┬áThis course is a blend of introductory philosophy, meditation technique and habit creation.
  • Broken down into 5 modules, the program uses audio recordings, video lessons, writings and illustrations to help you create a simple, daily practice.
  • All parts of Meditation Foundations E-Course are downloadable and are yours to re-visit as many times as you like (ongoing practice, yearly tune-up, on your birthday, whatever speaks to you).
  • This is the class I wish I had had when I began a seated meditation practice 16 years ago!
  • I offer this to you with LOVE in my heart for $108. The transformations begin late July. Stay tuned.

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