Personalized Learning & Mentoring

Personalized Yoga Education// Kelly Connor Sunrose

One-on-One Learning Sessions are a wonderful, super-effective way to get right to the heart of your practice. We go straight to what you are craving from your practice and your life, and we explore with our most curious sense of reverence.

I create these sessions for you, based on your vision, your goals, and your unique challenges.

There are two types of personalized learning sessions:

  1. Yoga Foundations for Beginners and Beyond: These learning packages focus primarily on movement and beginning breath practices and are an excellent choice for new beginners and students who are interested in refining their physical practice. Learn more about Yoga Foundations for Beginners and Beyond here.

  2. Sunken-Depth Yoga for Adventurous Students & Teachers: These learning immersions are super-special.  We go DEEP into the paths and practices of yoga. The work we do follows what you are seeking from your practice and can range from pose refinement to philosophy tutorials on all of the major yogic texts to experiments with the super-subtle and ultra-spacious practices passed down by our yogin predecessors (mudras, mantra, pranayama, bandhas, the works). For teachers, our work might focus on finding your own voice, living your practice and stepping more fully into the seat of the teacher. Learn more about Sunken-Depth Yoga for Adventurous Students & Teachers here.

Not sure whether one-on-one learning is right for you? Let’s schedule a free 20-minute call to talk about it. Schedule here.

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