Depth Practice for Advanced Students & Teachers

in there out there with Kelly Sunrose

This is super-subtle, sunken-depth yoga, for serious students and teachers.

I offer you complete access to my 18 years of study during one-on-one sessions. We follow your fascination into the deeper, more subtle layers of yoga practice.

In order to practice with me one-on-one, I ask two things:

  1. At least 6 months of your time (we go really deep. It’s not suitable for one-off sessions.); and
  2. You show up to the work with your complete shimmering self . I am SUPER committed to my students, but the transformation only happens when you show up to your meditation cushion. I will ask you tough questions (but in the super permissive, expansive way that is my signature).

The details

One-on-one work includes:

  • 1 monthly assignment, including videos, audio recordings and writings;

  • 2 scheduled calls per month;

  • lots of emails and space for questions.

What it costs:

  • $400/ month for 6 months, or make one payment $2200 to save a bit of money.

I have space for 3 one-on-one students beginning in January 2015.  Sold out until July 2015. Interested in applying for the next opening? Click here to apply and begin the process.

“I found myself a bit lost and unsure of my direction in the vast world of Yoga. Kelly tapped right into where I was and since then has been a firm but gentle guide for me. I feel much more solid in my personal practice, more confident in my teaching and now that I’m working with Kelly I feel like I’m on the right path. ”  — Sara Spitzer, Yoga Teacher, Syndey, Australia.

With Gratitude & LOVE!



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